Website redesign and rebuild.

Website design and rebuild

“Our website is just fine. The links all work. New content is added regularly.  It looks OK to me… Why does my website need re-designing?”

Those are all great things. Websites should be regularly updated and of course all the links should work. However, as your website expands it can outgrow its foundations. This can led to a disorganized presentation of content, poor usability, and eventual chaos.  A website re-design should be seriously considered every three or four years, such is the pace of change.

Re-design time is an opportunity to do a little thinking. When looking at your existing website, you need to ask yourself. “What is it that visitors want when they visit my website?” By understanding what it is that people are looking for, you will be able to position that information properly within the website architecture. And of course your website must work well on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

The old adage “Never judge a book by its cover” simply does not apply to your website. Visitors to your site will make quick and sometimes harsh judgments within just a few seconds of seeing your homepage. By making a good first impression with a crisp, clean, professional look, the user gains a sense of trust about your organisation. It shows you care. It’s the Internet equivalent of a sparkling clean shop in Main Street.

Your website might have all the information your visitors and potential clients are looking for. However if that information is hard to find the chances are that they will click away, looking for a website that’s not so confusing. By making your site as easy to use as possible you will be able to guide the website visitor to the specific items they want to check out.

Your website should be your most valuable employee. A website overhaul, done with planning and care will be make your website contribute more to your enterprise. The simple fact is that you have invested in a website and you pay for hosting and so on. Why not make make sure that it works more effectively for you?

The aim of a website overhaul is to update the “look and feel” and make it easier and more attractive for visitors to contact your organisation, for whatever reason. There are many approaches to achieve such an aim.  Your website should positively promote the people behind it and instil a sense of trust – that they have come to the right place.

Remember too, that 90% or more of your new clients will have checked out your website before they chose to do business with you rather than with any of your competitors. Webdesign matters!

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