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Latest Website Projects

A  new website for Back Rd Contracting in Granity on the West Coast of New  Zealand’s South Island and servicing the Upper Buller region. This WordPress website is new, has a few little things yet to be added but is working well and ready for release. It’s quite fast and uses all of the speed optimisation techniques. It helps to have a LiteSpeed server, but we always tweak websites for even better performance.

A new website for Custom Construction in Waikouaiti. This replaces a Wix website, designer unknown, built a few years ago which was not performing very well. Significant price increases at (supposedly free) Wix prompted the owners to upgrade. 

Built using WordPress of course, with significant changes and SEO improvements the rescued website should now work much better for the owners.  

A new website for Willmax Sport in Westport. Willmax is a new product designed to help with football training and has many features that make it far superior to other similar and older “ball-on-a-string” products. 

Built using WordPress and WooCommerce for world-wide sales. Still under development but you can purchase online.

A new website for a new business on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. A cleaning business, FBI Cleaning is just starting up and specialising in Bond, Forensic and Insurance cleaning. Built using WordPress with more to come as this new business becomes established.

A website rebuild for Pagan Raven in Westport. Pagan Raven provides a spray tanning service, professional teeth whitening and the revolutionary Liquid Lipo  body shaping treatment.

Built using WordPress and WooCommerce for online sales 

A new website for Footlite & Sole at Punakaiki, a retail shop selling footwear, clothing, hats and a wide range of giftware and souvenirs. Presently stock is being added to the online store when time permits.

Punakaiki is a well-known destination for tourists with the renowned Pancake Rocks, canoeing, walking tracks all in a beautiful park of New Zealand’s iconic West Coast. 

A website built on a domain I already had with the express purpose of promoting WordPress as the most practical way to build websites. It’s possibly a little confusing to have two websites but this one just concentrates on WordPress. Check it out!


A new website for Bush and Beyond in Karamea, a long established business conducting guided walks in Kahurangi National Park. 

Re-built to use WordPress the new website is properly optimised for mobile devices, especially concentrating on the speed of page loading which is critical for good Google rankings. It also uses WooCommerce for bookings and online payments in a smooth transaction process.  


A website rebuild for  Club Buller in Westport. The old website seemed to have been left unfinished prior to COVID and had a few issues that were best resolved by a fresh start.  

The website promotes the Club and its important place in the local community. As it’s a not-for-profit organisation our charges for the website, the hosting and for on-going maintenance are lower than normal.



A new website for a new business – Tamara’s Art Station. A simple, inexpensive website to start with and a full WooCommerce online shop to follow. 

For a new business it’s usually wise to start a website small and early, growing it the in the direction the business grows. And getting online sooner than later helps the domain and its contents get indexed by Google, Bing etc., minimising delays in establishing a ranking when the full website gets going.




A new website for West Coast Horse Adventures. It includes on-line calendar booking of rides and treks using the Stripe payment gateway and interfaced with WooCommerce. 

This website was started by another developer late last year who seems to have disappeared and the client was left with an unfinished website, so it’s been a classic case of website rescue.



Custom Fencing asked that an older website of ours now be updated, after some 6 or 7 years. A slightly new look (the old site still looked pretty good!) with improvements in speed being the main focus. 

WordPress websites need to be kept maintained regularly with WP version and plugin updates but also tweaks needed to cater for constantly changing standards and best practice. 

But this website fell into the wrong hands and as a consequence needed a lot of work to get it purring again. A real website rescue!

Innovative Fishing Equipment’s new website replaces a Shopify website that was not properly designed and performed rather badly. Another case of website rescue. This site runs around three times faster than the old Shopify one, using WordPress and WooCommerce. 

“Ken…thankyou for all your help and getting us up and away… I wish I’d done a bit more research at the start but have found you now .lol. I’ll go have a look..” Brian

(a short time later)

“ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!!!!! so easy to get around and an interesting read out where all can see ,,,, Thankyou Again.” Brian

This might be described as a “vanity” website! It just gives a more in depth look at the person behind Webdesign Matters and formerly Webfactor. If you are looking for someone to build a website for you then it might be a good idea to check out this small website. 


This website is an e-commerce website built for Cranberries Westland to market cranberry products around New Zealand. Built on the WordPress platform it uses the popular (5 million users world-wide)  WooCommerce plugin/app for the on-line shop.  It replaces an older website which the business had outgrown and it was better to start again, this time using a .nz domain instead of a .com. (more>>) Careful attention was paid to page speed and also making sure that there are re-directs from each old website page to the corresponding new page on this website in order to preserve the search engine rankings.

“‘Thank you so much for sorting our website, you did everything you said you would- and so much more! It has been a great pleasure working with you, I really appreciate the ongoing support and I look forward to growing our business together!”
Kate,  Cranberries Westland.  

Recent Projects


SEO Matters – as the name suggests, this website is a sister to Webdesign Matters. A website just about Search Engine Optimisation.  It outlines what we do to build a search engine friendly website and why SEO is so important. While we’ve had this website running for a year or two and it was due for an update so it’s in here as a recent project.



A website built to sell art resin and art resin accessories online. It also has art for sale and the online shop is managed by the client. It uses the very popular WooCommerce plugin for the online sales and also supports AfterPay which encourages sales, especially for higher priced items.

This website attained good Google rankings quite quickly and a good level of sales as a consequence.