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If you are getting sick of the way you are being tracked by Google whenever you are searching on the Internet, with manipulated (for money)  search results, with ads everywhere and the feeling that Google is spying on you then you are not alone. There are many reasons to stop using Google whenever you can and a good alternative is to use DuckDuckGo instead.

Many think that Google is becoming just about unusable due to all the ads. Google seem to think that the only reason everybody is on the World Wide Web is to buy something. It’s sad to see how monetised the web has become.

Visit the DuckDuckGo website for more information on how to get away from this exploitation.. We can really recommend switching away from Google and you’ll enjoy clean, honest search results, free from ads, free from tracking and an all round better experience. 

You should also consider ditching Google Chrome at the same time and start using Firefox or the Microsoft browser, Edge which is standard on Windows. We use Edge almost exclusively and combined with DuckDuckGo or Bing it makes for quicker and stress-free web surfing/browsing.


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