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Comparing website designers homepages

The image above (bigger) comes from, a website that we use extensively to analyze the performance of every website, every page we build. So we decided to check three other website designers that operate in this region, on GTMetrix, just to see.  No further comment is necessary really… (we are the one on the left, by the way…)


Share this! - the world's weather and climate visualisation.

For a few years now I’ve spent a lot of time on This website provides a fascinating visualization of global weather conditions, ocean currents, and

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Soviet Woodpecker

The Soviet Woodpecker.

The Soviet era Woodpecker. In July 1976, about 5 years after I gained my amateur radio licence there appeared on the shortwave (SW) bands, especially

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Website statistics

Website Numbers

Website Statistics Globally, there are over 1.9 billion websites. With such a vast digital landscape, web design plays a crucial role in standing out and capturing

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