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Using AI in websites

A helping hand? AI and humans.

In recent years, the last two or three especially, AI has proved to be a viable method for generating high-quality text and is a new approach to traditional methods of generating web content. Website content writing is quite quickly being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI).

There are a number of AI content generators on the market. Some are open source, while others, like the one we use here, are closed source and require a subscription. In general, they work by taking a set of inputted parameters and then using algorithms, generate original content that meets those parameters.

One of the advantages of using AI for website content writing is that it can help to create unique and keyword-rich content quickly and easily. This is perfect for website owners who want to populate their site with quality content without spending hours writing it themselves or paying someone else to do it for them.

Another advantage is that, because the machine learning algorithms used by AI content writers get smarter over time, the quality of the outputted articles tends to improve the more you use it

Of course, as with anything, there are also some disadvantages to using AI for website content writing. One of the main ones is that, because the machine is doing all the work, it can be difficult to ensure that the outputted content actually makes sense and flows well.

Additionally, because AI writers can sometimes struggle with understanding context, you may need to edit or even rewrite some parts of the generated content yourself before it is published on your website. However, this is usually only a minor issue and is easily outweighed by the advantages of using AI.

AI is changing the landscape of website content writing. With AI, website owners and designers can create high-quality content more quickly and efficiently than ever before.


The above text was created almost entirely by AI and it’s certainly not flawless. However it’s very interesting to use and demonstrates the potential of AI!


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A helping hand? AI and humans.